They say the devil is often in the detail. But everything is good about the nutritional detail in Nosh Food Market`s newest shelf star…Evil Child Beverage Co`s original hot chocolate.

The devilishly-good hot chocolate in a distinctive pink tin comes with the purest credentials – gluten-free and ethically sourced cocoa beans from West Africa roasted in The Netherlands and lovingly blended in Auckland’s Morningside.

Nutritionally high in energy, Evil Child hot chocolate is dark and rich with 30 per cent cocoa, perfect for restoring energy and warmth to tired limbs chilled after winter sports.

Already, discerning hot chocolate aficionados in leading Auckland hospitality venues are enjoying Evil Child hot chocolate and now the brand is stocked exclusively at all six Nosh stores.

And importantly in an age where food miles can strike a discordant note, the cocoa for the Evil Child Beverage Co is delivered on a container ship that uses a huge propulsion kite to reduce carbon emissions by 20 per cent.

Look out for Evil Child at Nosh at the special price of $9.99 for four weeks from 26 July. And keep an eye on the youngsters – they’ve now got the energy to the things you probably don’t want them to do.

Evil Child is available in 275g tin for RRP$12.99 at Nosh Food Markets.

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