The latest trend in food can be summed up in a can, not a nutshell… Apparently we are buying more canned food lately to combat the rise in prices for fresh fruit and vegetables.

One in five Australians have started to eat more tinned food recently to combat the rise in fruit and vegetable costs, according to an independent study released today.

NSW residents topped the charts when it came to eating more tinned food to save money, at 22 per cent of those surveyed, compared with ten per cent of ACT consumers. 

“The results confirmed the length many Australians are going to in order to protect themselves against the rise in fruit and vegetable costs following the 2011 flood and cyclone disasters,” said Rebecca Logan, manager of the survey’s researcher, Canstar Blue.

The study, which surveyed 2,500 Australian consumers about their supermarket behaviours, also found a high customer satisfaction rating for ALDI, with the international brand beating the other majors. 
“ALDI has focussed on introducing high quality brands to the Australian market at permanently low prices and it seems Australian consumers are jumping on board, voting ALDI number one not only for overall satisfaction but also for price, store layout and specials,” said Logan. 
“It was also interesting that despite Coles reporting a large spike in online grocery sales last week, only six per cent of survey respondents have their groceries delivered to their home.
“Gen X respondents were most likely to have their groceries delivered at ten per cent compared with only three per cent of Baby Boomers.”

The outcomes reported are the results from those who had purchased groceries in the last 6 months within the survey group.

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