If you think you`re mad about rugby you should meet the team at ABE`S Bagels. They are so crazy about our national game they have gone to great lengths to make ball shaped bagels.

In a flash of inspiration, the footy-crazed bagel makers at ABE’S have spent months developing a new bagel shape to take their passion for the game to New Zealand supermarket aisles.
The limited edition ABE’S Rugby Ball Bagel is shaped like a rugby ball in a tribute to our favourite pastime and especially for when the sports world is focusing on New Zealand.
“We’re a little bit mad about bagels here at ABE’S,” says general manager Ron Curteis. “Anything that takes our fancy – we try to make a bagel out of it.
“So with the big rugby tournament due to kick off soon we thought it would be a good time to serve up a few ball-shaped bagels for Kiwi sports fans – and our visitors too of course.”
Mr Curteis says there’s nothing leathery about ABE’S Rugby Ball Bagels – they’re made with real bagel dough and have the same great fresh taste of ABE’S original bagels.
“Because they contain quick-release carbs, ABE’S bagels are the perfect game-time snack – pre-game, cheering from the side-line or even plonked in front of the TV.”
ABE’S bagels are free from artificial colours and flavours and are full of only the best stuff – no MSG, palm oil or genetically modified ingredients. They are also very low in fat with only 1.5g per rugby ball bagel.
Other flavours in the ABE’S range are sesame, parmesan, natural, poppy seed, cinnamon raisin, blueberry, wholemeal and baby bagels, as well as the popular range of bagel crisps and bites.
ABE’S Bagels are steamed baked to perfection giving a shiny crust, chewy texture and delicious taste.
The limited edition Rugby Ball Bagels are available in the bread aisle of all good supermarkets nationwide for RRP$4.97 – in good time for kick-off.
ABE’S Bagels are best eaten fresh and also freeze well. But please do not store in the fridge as this makes them go tough like old rugby boots.

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