Yes, in America you can sue for almost anything but this story really takes the cake… A man in New York is suing a popular burger chain for making the dining booths too small for his burger loving butt!

A US man is suing the White Castle chain, claiming the booths in one of its hamburger restaurants are too small.

Martin Kessman says in the US federal lawsuit filed last week that he was embarrassed in 2009 when he tried squeezing his 1.8m, 132kg frame into the seating at a White Castle in New York state. He says he slammed his knee into a metal post under the table and was in pain.

The lawsuit claims the restaurant could not accommodate a customer of Kessman’s stature, in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. The suit seeks an unspecified financial judgment.

Spokesman Jamie Richardson at White Castle headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, says the restaurant is being replaced and that the new one will have roomier seating.

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