Love this! We had CarFe, where you sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee while your car gets valeted. But now, a fancy chain of cafes where your clothes get washed and ironed while you relax!

If books and coffee can be successfully combined — or books and pizza, for that matter — then why not laundry and coffee?

That, indeed, is the premise behind Wash & Coffee, a German enterprise from Henkel and Bosch-Siemens that blends laundromat and café to ease the pain of cleaning clothes.

A cozy lounge atmosphere welcomes visitors to Munich’s Wash & Coffee, where washing machines, dryers and detergents are on hand for self-service use.

Professional laundry services are also available — including ironing — as are experts to dispense clothes-care advice.

While clothes are getting clean, meanwhile, visitors can enjoy Wash & Coffee’s free wifi and entertainment events, as well as purchase a range of coffees, espresso drinks and snacks, including cakes, soups, bagels and salads.

Combination specials offer reduced pricing for those who purchase both laundry service and refreshments.

To see the new cafe in action, click here on this YouTube link.

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