Uh oh… I have always had fears Australia was turning in to a mini America and now, a story to put shivers down the spine of food retailers down under. A woman is suing KFC because of a just cleaned floor.

A woman is taking KFC Australia to court after she slipped and fell in a fast food outlet in western Sydney.

Carleen Bannerman, 48, had walked into a KFC store in Lidcombe on a rainy day in November 2008 to buy some food.

Her lawyer told the Sydney District Court on Wednesday that Bannerman turned back because she had forgotten the order from her son, who was waiting in the car.

“She slipped on the tiles and fell heavily,” her lawyer told the court on Wednesday. Bannerman, who is a manual worker, suffered numerous injuries, most significantly to her right shoulder.

The court heard she is now unemployed and her husband has had to become her carer.

The case is continuing.

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