You know the Heart Foundation healthy tick system, well now, a new badge on food labels to show good nutrition… Fuelled 4 Life.

Fuelled4life – a new healthy food product classification system

Fuelled4life is the new name for the Food and Beverage Classification System (FBCS), originally developed by the Ministry of Health for use in schools and early childhood education (ECE) services.

Managed and refined by The Heart Foundation, fuelled4life has developed into a collaborative programme that involves the education, health and food industry sectors working together to make it easier to identify healthier food options in schools and ECE services.

Fuelled4life is designed to inspire schools and ECE services to provide tasty, nutritious products that young people will want to consume, and to encourage the food industry to produce and supply foods and beverages that are registered with fuelled4life.

How does fuelled4life work?

Fuelled4life is based on the Ministry of Health’s Food and Nutrition Guidelines, which identify healthy eating for children and young people.  Schools and ECE services can sign-up to the fuelled4life programme and get easy-to-use information about which foods are healthier options to serve students, and to stock in school shops and canteens.

This includes the fuelled4life Buyers’ Guide (first edition available term one 2012), workshops, competitions and promotions, resources, regular fuelled4life newsletters – to keep up to date with the latest healthy products, and nutritious and delicious recipe ideas.

FBCS Nutrient Criteria

 Under the FBCS Nutrient Criteria foods and drinks have been classified into two categories – everyday and sometimes.

Everyday Foods – Everyday foods and drinks are the healthiest choices. Encourage and promote these foods and drinks.

Sometimes foods – Sometimes foods and drink should be eaten in moderation. These foods and drinks should not dominate the choices available.

A registered, classified product will be able to carry the appropriate, distinctive fuelled4life everyday or sometimes logo.

Non-registered products that do not meet the FBCS everyday or sometimes nutrient criteria can be referred to as occasional foods. Occasional foods are not recommended for provision in schools or ECE services.

Fuelled4life: marketing your products directly to schools and early childhood education services across New Zealand – REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT BY NOVEMBER 30th.

How can food companies get involved?

Applications for fuelled4life product registration can be downloaded from the fuelled4life website:

IMPORTANT: Registrations close for the 2012 Buyers’ Guide on November 30th 2011.

Benefits of fuelled4life Product Registration:

 Food companies who register with fuelled4life get:

marketing exposure to 2,500 schools and 4,300 ECE services

product listing in the fuelled4life Buyers’ Guide

use of the fuelled4life Registered Trademark

distinctive logos that can be used to identify everyday and sometimes fuelled4life products

targeted advertising opportunities and increased brand awareness

fuelled4life Registration Certificate

Opportunities to promote fuelled4life products at FBCS expo’s

Why is fuelled4life needed?

Fuelled4life aims to improve the food and beverages available to children and young people in education settings. Fuelled4life is all about young people getting a better start in life through access to healthier food and beverage options.

If you would like more information about how to register products with fuelled4life or more information on the FBCS nutrient criteria please contact Jo Dellow by email or phone 04 566 3009.

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