An Auckland duo seeking freshly made burgers from Burger King got more than they bargained for when the chicken was so raw it looked like it was fresh from the supermarket shelf.

Mitch Kinney says he has been put off Burger King for life after he bought two honey mustard tendercrisp chicken burgers from the Albany drive thru on Monday night.

The 23-year-old’s partner, Tenani French, realised a couple of bites into his dinner the burger tasted strange.

“He took a couple of bites and said it tasted funny, but with all the extra flavour on it he didn’t realise it was raw.

“Then we had a proper look at it and he spat out what was in his mouth,” said Kinney.

“I was genuinely surprised at how raw it was. It looked like it was picked up straight from the supermarket.”

The Torbay resident said what shocked him most was that he and French, who used the store’s drive thru, had to wait 20 minutes for the burgers to be “cooked”.

“I’m still shocked they let it happen. They had plenty of time to cook it.”

The pair showed the meat to the Albany Burger King manager and claim the employee was “visibly shocked” at how raw the burgers were. They were given a refund.

Kinney emailed Burger King’s headquarters and within two hours received a response from the area manager who apologised for the incident.

He was told the staff at the Albany branch would be retrained and he was offered vouchers to use at the franchise.

“I told them I would accept the vouchers, but I won’t use them to buy anything from them again.”

Burger King spokesperson Rachel Allison confirmed a complaint was laid by Kinney and that the franchise had offered vouchers as compensation.

“We deeply regret this incident happening and have apologised unreservedly to Mr Kinney,” Allison says.

She added that after an investigation, the store found the staff member responsible had cooked the chicken patty on the wrong setting, giving it a shorter cooking time.

“This staff member has since been retrained and we have communicated clearly to all of our restaurants reiterating the importance of choosing the right cooking setting for each product,” she says.

“We serve over a million customers every month and in over four years I have been with the company I can recall only two incidences where a similar issues has occurred.

“We place strong emphasis on staff training and regularly train and verify that our team are up to date with our very strong food safety procedures.”


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