Simply collect up the skins (Lesley Burns who shared the recipe freezes hers after cutting them up finely until she has enough) and you’re away jam-making!

If you’re a smaller mandarin eater, simply add a couple more skins to the recipe.

Lesley reckons this Mandarin Peel Jam recipe is soooo easy and people tend to think they can’t make a good jam. So get creating! Make your own cute labels as well to really impress.

You’ll need:

6 Mandarin skins, finely shredded.
2 Lemons, pulped and juiced with the peel again finely shredded (getting rid of as much white pith as possible).
Place lemon pulp and juice with the mandarin peels in a bowl and cover with 2 cups water. Leave overnight.
Next day, put all in a pan and cook for 15 minutes over a medium heat.
Add 2 cups of white sugar.
Stir well and boil slowly until it shows it is setting on a cold saucer.
Bottle into sterilised jars.
(Lesley has also experimented with other citrus peel jams and found orange and grapefruit works just as well)

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