This quick, easy, nutritious salad is a main meal. A delicious, healthy salad to get your 5+ a day.

What You Need:
1 bagged Krispkut Mesclun Baby Salad Greens
1 Krispkut Aged Balsamic & Olive Oil Vinaigrette Dressing
1 Krispkut Salads Tangy Swiss Cheese Sprinkles
12 Cherry Tomatoes
1?2 Red Onion
1 tin Mandarin Segments, or fresh mandarins if you prefer in season (but remember to remove as much pith as possible)
1 Avocado
As garnish: Ceres Organics Almonds, Sprouts or crushed ABE’S Bagel Crisps as healthy croutons!

How To:
Place the Krispkut Mesclun Salad on your serving dish (preferably white).
Chop the red onion and sprinkle over the salad greens.
Cut the Cherry Tomatoes in half and spread around the salad together with the well drained mandarin segments.
Just before serving slice the avocado and place around the salad and sprinkle over the Krispkut Salads before finally drizzling over Krispkut Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.
Garnish with Almonds, Bagel Crisps as croutons, and Sprouts.


For variation, replace the mandarin segments with your favourite fruit.

Serves 6


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