Everyone remembers their grandparents for different things. One of the things I loved my Nana for was her cooking. In particular, the sticky toffee she used to make us kids.

Serves 28

This is soft, silky toffee which is sweet and buttery. This is a really simple toffee recipe and kids of all ages will love to help. Especially with the wrapping!

For Traditional Toffee, you will need:
6 Tablespoons of white sugar
170g NZ butter
3 dessertspoons of Blue Top milk
3 dessertspoons of golden syrup (or treacle for a truly traditional toffee)
Dash of white vinegar

Traditional Toffee:

Simmer all the ingredients gently for 20 minutes until a little dropped into cold water forms a ball.

It truly is as simple as that.

You do however have to be very careful with the simmering. The whole mixture is fragile and you need to keep the temperature low to stop it boiling.

Re the dropping into water – simply scoop a little of your toffee mixture out using a small spoon and let it drip into a mug of cold water. If it solidifies into a little ball of toffee and sinks to the bottom you know it’s ready.

After the 20 minutes simmering and wee ball test, pour the toffee mix into a slice tray and chill in the fridge.

This toffee recipe makes 28 twists of toffee neatly wrapped up in greaseproof paper. Cute, wee treats.

Enjoy with a heart-warming cuppa.

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