The Fresh family love Griffin’s biscuits. Perfect for the kids lunchboxes and the mid afternoon pick-me-up cuppa! And we think it’s very groovy that Griffin’s are going round to go green!

Yes, Griffin’s Milk Arrowroots and Malt Biscuits are going round all in the name of going green.

The change in biccy shape has been prompted as part of efforts to make the production of Griffin’s biscuits more environmentally friendly. Arrowroots were oval and Malt biscuits were a rounded rectangle. But not anymore!

The change will save over 40 tonnes of plastic going into the environment by removing the plastic biscuit trays.

To go green, Griffin’s needed to go round! It doesn’t take much to realise that most of the great things in life are round… rings, coins, cups, hula hoops, merry-go-rounds, the earth! In fact, 9 out of the top 10 of New Zealand’s most loved biscuits are also round.

Now, Griffin’s Malt Biscuits and Arrowroot Biscuits are also going round.

The 70-year old biscuit recipes remain the same, as will the great taste that these biscuits have become famous for.

So grab yourself a new, round Griffin’s Milk Arrowroot or Malt biscuit pack! Available now in NZ supermarkets from $2.95.

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