I was very intrigued when a gorgeous wee package called Be Fresh arrived here in the Fresh Test Kitchen. It’s the size of a small envelope but is big on freshness!

We have all been slightly annoyed when that wonderful fresh produce we spend our good money on over ripens or goes rotten. The fruit and vege-loving folk at Everfresh Technologies were too.

So what have the on-to-it New Zealand team come up with? A little sachet of goodness that suctions to the side of your fruit and vegetable crisper drawer in your fridge and stops or slows down spoilage. Cue clever kiwi invention award!

All fruit and vegetables give off a natural gas called ethylene. This actually accelerates the ripening and decaying process of our produce. And of course, we want those superfoods, fab fruit and vitamin-packed veges to last as long as possible.

The crisper drawer of your fridge acts as a trap for the ethylene gas and unfortunately can be an ideal environment for fresh product to spoil. Cue all refrigerator manufacturers adding Be Fresh to every fridge they sell!

Be Fresh is so easy. You stick the small thin package to the side of your drawers in the fridge and Be Fresh neutralises the ethylene, disrupts the ripening process, maintains freshness, crispness and taste and your family stays healthy.

– BeFresh helps your budget (less throw-aways)

– BeFresh prevents wastage

– BeFresh is a must if you love your fresh veg.

– BeFresh lasts for a month and has a handy reminder system

So what’s in that magic sachet? Be Fresh contains Potassium Permanganate. This mineral is classed as safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

I know we may be biased because of the name, but here at fresh.co.nz, we think Be Fresh is an essential purchase when you’re next at the supermarket.

BeFresh. How refreshing!

For more information and stockists, visit www.befresh.co.nz

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