One thing good kiwi cooks all agree on is… Nothing beats the taste of butter! In the Fresh Kitchen, we love Mainland Butter in its fancy new foil wrapping. Beautiful!

Kiwis love butter, in fact according to a recent survey by Mainland Butter almost three-quarters (72%) of New Zealanders agree that nothing beats the taste of butter.
Simon Gault, Masterchef Judge, esteemed restaurateur and ardent butter fan says this finding comes as no surprise to him: “I can’t imagine a kitchen without butter, it’s definitely not mine anyway. Butter has a place at the heart of baking and cooking in New Zealand and there is no substitute for the taste it adds to cooking or as a perfect partner to foods.”
Mainland Butter undertook this research to uncover what Kiwis’ really think about butter – and it turns out butter is at the cornerstone of our memories and at the heart of what we define as great taste.
The survey reveals that Kiwis don’t fall for style over substance with 99% of respondents saying they prefer anything they produce in the kitchen to be stronger on taste rather than style.

“Butter is simply irresistible – it’s a simple product consisting of only three ingredients – cream, salt and water. In today’s harried, rushed world, food needn’t complicate matters – simple pleasures are what we should all be striving for in the kitchen and you’ve got it in one with butter,” says Gault.
Being the dairy nation that New Zealand is, butter is synonymous with Kiwis’ memories of growing up. The survey revealed that the number one childhood memory was licking the wooden spoon after baking with Mum or Dad (44%), followed by mid-afternoon naps and treats for being good.
Some of the more unusual favourite butter memories included:
·         Using butter to remove bike chain grease from hands and legs
·         Rubbing butter on sun burnt skins
·         Putting butter on the family kittens paws to help it settle
·         Using a bit of butter coated in sugar to ease a sore throat.

About Mainland butter:
Mainland Butter is 100% natural New Zealand Butter. Fresh NZ cream carefully churned, simple and delicious! Mainland Butter – A simple Pleasure
Mainland’s top butter tips:
·         Bring back butter in your household by using Mainland Butter to make delicious scones, muffins, cakes and pastries. There’s no substitute!
·        Add a curl of Mainland Butter to your favourite vegetables.
·        Curl up on the couch with a piece of hot spicy fruit toast and with lashings of Mainland Butter spread right to the very edges.
·         Another great vegetable tip is to brush potatoes, beans, peas and corn with a blend of melted butter, parsley, fresh mint and ginger
·         Make your own delicious garlic bread that you won’t regret eating the next day, try boiling the garlic before you crush and mix it into Mainland Butter. The potent aroma will disappear into the water.  Garlic butter is also great on a bit of steak and prawns.
·         Add butter and nutmeg to Spaghetti Bolognaise for a gourmet twist
·         The quickest way to soften butter is in the microwave. Use the defrost setting and keep an eye on it. 250grams should take one minute.
·         If you don’t have a microwave let it stand at room temperature for an hour or two, or if you are baking try grating it into the bowl and it will soften in a few minutes.
·         Butter absorbs other flavours, ensure when it’s stored it’s wrapped tightly.
·         If you stain your new trousers with butter follow these simple steps to rectify the situation: scrape off any excess, apply a stain-removing agent and blot the stained area, then launder. If the stain remains add more stain remover to the back of the stain and blot with a clean absorbent pad. Apply stain remover to the stain again, rinse and then wash.
·         To cleanly cut cold butter, wrap your knife in cling wrap, or heat a butter knife with hot water and dry off the water.

Here’ some great recipes you can make using butter….

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