Delicious, authentic curry in just two minutes? SunRice Ready-to-Go Meals are a complete meal for one, packed with flavours and made with real ingredients such as chilli, lemongrass, basil and galangal.

Complemented by chunks of succulent chicken, real vegetables and fluffy rice, the meals are available in seven mouth-watering Asian flavours including Satay Chicken Curry, Thai Massaman Curry and Indian Butter Chicken.

Recently voted 2010 Product of the Year*, SunRice Ready-to-Go Microwave Meals are prepared in just two minutes at home or at the office (or wherever there’s a microwave!) and are a fantastic combination of taste and convenience.

SunRice’s world class food technology keeps the meals shelf stable meaning they can be stored anywhere, making them ideal for a cost effective, delicious lunch or quick and tasty dinner.  A complete meal for one with the pack including a handy tray and spoon, there is no washing up afterwards!

The SunRice Ready-to-Go Microwave Meals are $4.99RRP each.

The SunRice Ready-to Go Meals were developed in response to increased demand from consumers for quality, authentic meals that are quick and easy to prepare.  As more and more New Zealanders demand quick yet nutritious meals, SunRice prides itself by using only fresh, authentic and natural ingredients – free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

* Product of the Year in the Convenient Meals category as voted by 5000 Australian consumers.

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