Vegetables can offer an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and Watties has the Pick of the Crop™!

Wattie’s frozen vegetables are a convenient way to increase your daily vegetable intake and now there are three new additions to inspire your family to eat their veges.

Wattie’s Vitality Mix™ (as pictured) is a delicious way to help you achieve your 5+ servings including the important nutrient, Vitamin C. The colourful range of vegetables includes shiitake mushrooms, green beans, shelled edamame beans and red capsicum – tasty vegetables that are a delicious addition with any meal.

Wattie’s Full of Beans is a combination of Italian green beans, butter beans  and shelled edamame beans. Full of Vitamin C Wattie’s Full of Beans is great in risottos or as an accompaniment to a hearty winter meal.

Want a natural source of folate and Vitamin C? Wattie’s Super-Greens can help boost your intake of these vitamins at meal times. The combination of your favourite green vegetables; broccoli, spinach and peas helps to create “super-meals”. 

With seven serves in each pack, these delicious new combinations from Wattie’s  contain the goodness of vegetables that can be enjoyed all year-round.

Available now in supermarkets freezers nationwide.

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