A perfectly cooked single serving of fluffy rice is now just 40 seconds away. SunRice Quick Cups are the first single serve microwave rice available in New Zealand.

The latest innovation from SunRice, Quick Cups are available in white and brown rice twin-packs, perfectly portioned and ready to serve in a flash.  Designed to bring out the gourmet in everyone, the cups are placed in the microwave and in less than a minute a perfect mound of fluffy steaming rice is delivered to the plate.

Ideal for singles, couples and those conscious of portion control, SunRice Quick Cups are a pantry essential – the perfect accompaniment to a curry or stir-fry, a healthy side to grilled salmon, steak or chicken or a base for a warm rice salad.  Their convenient size allows them to easily fit into a lunchbox, handbag or office drawer.

Quick Cups also make a great kid’s meal, stir fried with eggs, peas and cubed ham.

Sunrice Quick Cups are available in two varieties:

Quick Cups Fragrant Brown Rice is made with wholegrain rice – a fantastic source of dietary fibre – and is gluten free and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Quick Cups Long Grain White Rice is 97% fat free and are also gluten free and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Microwave Rice is one of the fastest growing categories in supermarkets, following increased demand from consumers for quality and convenience.

SunRice Quick Cups are available from $2.99RRP each.

SunRice recipe ideas are available at the website below.


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