Slow-cooking has had a revival lately; easy to prepare, cook and delicious to eat. Krispkut (think pre-packaged salads) now have Slow Cookers, pre-cut and packaged veges and spices for the crockpot.

Krispkut, the first brand to provide pre-pack salads to New Zealand supermarkets, today launches its innovative ‘Slow Cookers’ as a special, winter-only range. The pre-cut and packaged top-quality vegetable and spice mix speeds up the time you spend in the kitchen to deliver nutritious and delicious hot cooked meals the minute you walk in the door.

“Slow cooking has had a revival in recent years, and for good reason,” says Delwyn Turcich, Krispkut Brand Manager. “Slow food tastes better, the preparation is quick and easy and the results add up to a great meal solution for busy, hungry families.”

Krispkut’s Slow Cooker range comes in two flavours: European Style Vegetable Mix with Pearl Barley & Seasoning and Indian Style Vegetable Mix with Lentils & Seasoning for those who want a tasty, vegetarian option or as a complimentary side for meat lovers.

“Slow Cookers use the freshest vegetables pre-packaged and peeled with fresh herbs and spices included in the packet. They are all natural with no preservatives or additives – just perfect to come home to after a blustery winter’s day,” explains Turcich.

Before you leave the house, simply add a few ingredients such as stock, meat (if desired), chopped tomatoes, beans* as well as Krispkut’s delicious, ‘Slow Cooker’ vegetables and spices into the crock-pot then leave it to do its magic (no peeking: lifting the lid on a slow cooked meal increases cooking time). Stirring is not necessary. Serve with crusty bread and a side salad.

Recipes and chef tips for the ultimate slow cooking experience are included with each pack, available nationwide in Foodtown, Countdown and Woolworths stores for just RRP$6.99. But be quick, the range is only available for 15 weeks from 11th May.

Krispkut Slow Cookers: giving you a reason to celebrate winter!

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