Lemon-Z Limoncello Ice Cream is now available in NZ and it is a truly unique icecream.

Lemon-Z have taken New Zealand`s leading limoncello and created a truly unique ice cream. Unlike any other “limoncello” ice cream you have tasted before, Lemon-Z’s natural version is free of any introduced essences or colours, meaning you can divulge your sweet tooth without a guilty conscience.

The home of Lemon-Z is the breathtaking Bay of Islands. The flavour has been created using  the peel of the finest lemons from this region, macerated in pure alcohol to release the oils from the Yen Ben lemons. After this process is completed twice, more zest is added to the already deep yellow lemon spirit; adding even more flavour.

Lemon Z Limoncello Ice Cream – made with the purity of sweet lemons, the traditions of Italian limoncello, the sacred waters of Waikimihia and an undeniably divine taste.


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