Walk through the bakery section of your local Nosh Food Market and you won’t be able to resist the warm cinnamon aroma coming from the newest sweet treat in store – freshly made authentic doughnuts, brought to you by Loaf.

NZ-made Loaf Doughnuts are available now in berry, chocolate and apple varieties, coated with sugar and cinnamon.
Loaf doughnuts are hand-made fresh each day with the finest, locally sourced ingredients, and are a labour of love from chef Sean Armstrong and his dedicated team.
Loaf doughnuts are an irresistible treat and available now at all Nosh Food Markets for RRP $3.30 each.
About Loaf:
Loaf is the creation of chef Sean Armstrong. Loaf products include specially handcrafted breads, slices and other baked goods, known in the Auckland and Waikato region for their superb quality and taste. Sean trained in New Zealand before moving to London where he worked for three years in Michelin Star Restaurants. Once returning to Auckland he was head chef at O‘Connell Street Bistro and former proprietorchef of one of Auckland’s leading restaurants, Prime Bistro.

Fresh In The Kitchen official verdict: mouth-watering magnificence. A must try.



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