Love ABE’S Bagel Crisps? Us too. 72 percent less fat than regular potato chips and so delish, especially Rock Salt and Garlic. Well shiver me timbers, ABE’S have created a sweet version now too! Take some time out for a treat with ABE’S Sweet Bagel Bites.

ABE’S Sweet Bagel Bites are brand new, unique, and the perfect treat when you feel like a little something sweet.

Baked then sliced and packaged into snack-sized packs, ABE’S Sweet Bagel Bites are available in two scrummy flavours: Chocolate Chip, and Honey Raisin.

ABE’S Sweet Bagel Bites are fresh baked, are lower fat and sugar than alternative products, contain no artificial flavours or preservatives and no MSG, the Honey Raisin Bagel Bites are cholesterol free, and the single serve packs are great for portion control.

The perfect snack for kids and adults alike – in lunch-boxes, with your morning coffee, or even a refreshingly interesting addition to a dessert platter.

ABE’S Real Bagels Ltd is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. For more information and to view their full product range visit

ABE’S Sweet Bagel Bites can be found in the biscuit aisle of your local supermarket.

RRP: $5.80 for a bag of 10.

“At ABE’S Real Bagels we’ve worked hard to bring you the best tasting products we can – naturally.”

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