Corn fritters are one of my favourite foods ever. Perfect for brunch! I love the new healthy, readymade Sweet Corn Fritters from Lisa’s. The hummus and dip pioneers have outdone themselves with this new product!

The sweet taste of a long, hot Kiwi summer in a perfect snack form!

Lisa’s Sweet Corn Fritters are perfect as a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and an ideal easy-prepare finger food.

The new Lisa’s Sweet Corn Fritters pack is a big 400g resealable bag and as you would expect from Lisa’s Healthy Foods range, the readymade fritter mix is made in New Zealand, it’s Vegetarian, wheat and gluten-free.

So easy! Just zip open a bag, spoon out a delicious dollop for the size corn fritter you want, pan fry in a small amount of oil on a low heat until golden brown on both sides and enjoy!

Some ways to eat corn fritters:

– Enjoy for brunch with fresh salsa, sour cream, poached eggs and freshly cracked pepper.

– Perfect fried as small pancakes and served with creme fraiche, a chunky Lisa’s dip or hummus and fresh basil leaf as a party treat or hors d’oeuvres.

– Deep fry spoonfuls in shallow oil and serve as croquettes with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.

So delicious, handy, verstatile, healthy and simple.

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