The first thing that comes to mind when you say Hummus is Lisa`s.  Now the best hummus makers in town have topped it off with the introduction of their new mouth-watering entertaining range – Lisa`s Toppings.

To ensure that the new range is even better than ever, the makers of Lisa`s sent a delegation to the Middle East, the home of hummus, to see what was new in the world of entertainment foods. The new range, made even smoother through new grinding techniques, is blended deliciously with a touch of Tahini, and then enhanced with a dash of lemon and a drizzle of pure sunflower oil.

The range consists of five delicious options:

Lisa`s Toppings – Hummus with Sundried Tomato Pesto          

A deliciously smooth hummus topped with delectable pesto made from succulent sundried tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.

Lisa`s Toppings – Kumara with Crunchy Pumpkin Seeds          

A unique Kiwi twist of heavenly smooth kumara hummus sprinkled with lightly roasted crunchy pumpkin seeds.

Lisa`s Toppings – Pumpkin with Chunky Basil Pesto                

A rich chickpea and golden roasted pumpkin hummus topped with fresh basil pesto laden with cashew and cumin.

Lisa`s Toppings – Hummus with Dukkah and Roasted Pistachio

Creamy hummus topped with roasted pistachio and cashews, with a lightly toasted cumin, fennel and coriander seed dukkah.

Lisa`s Toppings – Hummus with Roasted Garlic

A gloriously super smooth hummus topped with mouth-watering oven roasted garlic.

Lisa`s Toppings    RRP $4.29

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