It isn’t enough these days to serve good food, we also care about where and how it was grown. Now, just as the colder season sets in, Naked Locals introduces a new range…

Naked Organics was conceived 10 years ago under the banner of “Cuisine without compromise”. Their delicious range of soups, risottos and meals is uncomplicated and made entirely from natural ingredients.  Their company mission is to make, distribute and sell the finest quality organic and natural cuisine with loving care, to treat every buyer as if they were a guest in their own home.

The flavoursome new range is bursting with uncomplicated, homemade, feel-good flavours, bound to ignite taste buds and keep winter days cozy and warm.  These include;

Kaipara Kumara Soup with Caramelised Onion and Sour Cream
The most deliciously thick and slightly sweet soup made thick and creamy with the world’s best kumara grown on the undulating countryside surrounding the Kaipara Harbour.

Marlborough Sweetcorn and Basil Chowder This soup captures the taste of sunshine with the inclusion of juicy sweetcorn grown in Marlborough, famous for being New Zealand’s sunniest spot.  Its sweet flavour is then given a piquant taste with the complimentary inclusion of fresh basil.

Canterbury Mushroom Soup with Mascarpone and Thyme
Mushrooms lovers will relish this rich mixture of thick, plump Portobello and button mushrooms from the dark and loamy soils of the Canterbury Plains, which includes a creamy dab of mascarpone and the delicate addition of thyme.

New Naked Locals Soups RRP from $5.47

Naked Local Soups are stocked at all good supermarkets nationwide.

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