Despite passing away on 28 September 2008, actor Paul Newman still leaves us something to remember with the Paul Newman’s Own range of dressings.

You have to hand it to the late, great actor Paul Newman…

When it came to winning the hearts and taste buds of a nation; he certainly had the knack.

Paul Newman created a mouth-watering range of delicious salad dressings with all proceeds going to charity.

Now he’s upped the ante again with two new flavours – Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing and South West Dressing. Designed to transform even the humblest meal or snack into a taste sensation, these new dressings are made only from the freshest ingredients and are a must have for every kitchen.
Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing:
Mmmmmm – just the name makes your mouth water with anticipation! A rich and creamy classic dressing with the added flavour of roasted garlic, this little beauty is nothing if not versatile – ideal on salads, as a sandwich spread, with chicken or seafood or as a mega tasty dip.
South West Dressing:
We’re talking warm, we’re talking spicy – cumin, chipotle, garlic, oregano, paprika and onion – hasta la vista baby! This tantalising Tex-Mex flavour is described as Smoky Western Spice – for those who like a bit of a kick to their salads and a wow factor to meat, fish and vegetable dishes, dips and spreads.

Paul Newman Inc donates all profits, after taxes, from the sales of his products worldwide to charities. To date, this has exceeded $US 250 million worldwide, which includes over $11 million donated to over 200 charities in Australia and NZ.

And at just  over $4 a bottle, you get top notch, delicious dressing AND you’re giving to the late Paul Newman’s charity at the same time. Unbeatable.

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