Introducing Q Gardens new epicurean ecstasy: Jalapeno Jelly

Q Gardens newest culinary delight, Jalapeno Jelly is bound to leave your taste-buds in pure ecstasy with its unique combination of spicy and sweet!

This heavenly preserve captures the fiery flavour of mild deseeded red jalapenos grown locally in the Bay of Plenty, and combines them with fresh red capsicum, and gluten free jelly, which tame the hot chilli spice, leaving it as a background note to the sweet, succulent, juicy jelly taste.

Q Gardens Jalapeno Jelly is a truly versatile performer that is equally at home in both sweet and savoury dishes; including appetizers, snacks and marinades, there are ample ways to use Jalapeno Jelly, and give ordinary food an extraordinary, zingy kick!

The makers of Q Gardens thrive on delivering new and interesting ingredient combinations to their customers, without compromising on quality. Their preserves are made with locally grown produce, mainly from the Bay of Plenty area, and other natural ingredients. Their products are free from artificial colours or preservatives and are also gluten free.

Ways to use Q Gardens Jalapeno Jelly:

  • Dress up cheese and crackers or simply smear on crisp pita bread
  • Top off your favourite ice cream to give it a refreshing kick and spicy flavour!
  • Try basting hamburger patties with Jalapeno Jelly while they are grilling to keep them moist, juicy, spicy and sweet
  • Mix with cream cheese to form an out-of-the-world cake icing for chocolate cake
  • Use as a sauce ingredient with stock and wine to accompany any meat dish, or incorporate in a meat marinade
  • Use as a dipping sauce for chicken strips or prawns
  • Try in a sandwich – an American favourite is peanut butter and jalapeno jelly (PB&JJ)

RRP $5.90 (120ml) or $9.90 (210ml)

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