You’ve got that bloating feeling. Oh-oh that bloating feeling…Well you need to get your cute self some Yoplait elivaé.

 Check out the new, convenient elivae 500 gram tub. We love the elivae 4-pack to take to work and on-the-run, but this tub is perfect for healthy tummies for the entire family. It’s available now at your supermarket chiller, with elivae’s new look.

Yoplait elivaé is smooth, delicious 98% fat free yogurt with a unique blend of probiotic cultures, including digestivus culturus, acidophilus and casei.

Yoplait elivaé has been designed to naturally regulate your digestive system, which can relieve bloating.

  • Prebiotic: a natural fibre that nourishes ‘good’ bacteria in your body, helping them to stay active.
  • Gentle: there are no artificial colours or flavours.  Gluten Free.  Gelatine Free.
  • Low GI:  helping you feel satisfied for longer.
  • Calcium: an essential mineral for your body and bones
  • Four fab flavours: Fig & Honey, Vanilla, Rhubarb & Apple and Strawberry & Prune

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