Being a Northlander, Alf Rose loves seafood. Check out his fave mussels recipe. 5 minutes to cook.

Serves 2
Live mussels are not only widely available – harvest yourself or buy them for next to nothing from your local supermarket – they are also very good for you.

They have lots of Omega 3s and 6s, are very low in cholesterol and high in iron.

Make sure they’re tightly closed, or close immediately when lightly tapped, and discard any that don’t.

They can be steamed or thrown onto the barbecue until they open, but my method is to simply place a dozen on a plate, and microwave for 3 – 5 minutes, (until the shells open). Be careful not to spill the hot juices when you remove, and save for use as a stock or flavouring for other dishes.

Plate-up by placing mussels atop a nest of fresh spaghetti pasta, moistened with a little olive oil.

Melt about 100 grams of butter and add lots of freshly crushed garlic. You can add your own twist here – fresh chopped herbs are delicious or a spicy tomato salsa makes a healthy alternative.

Using a small fork, remove the mussel from its shell, pull off the beard, and dip in butter using the shell to catch the drips, and enjoy. Tear apart a fresh French Baguette to soak up any remaining butter.

Best accompanied by Kiwi chardonnay, sauvignon blanc or washed down with a chilled lager.

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