Remember plum jam the way nana used to make? Well you can now hop along to your local Nosh Food Market and get the next best thing.

Nosh is now stocking The Damson Collection Damson Jam.

Damson Jam is made from damson plums harvested from The Damson Collection`s sunny Hawkes Bay orchards. The jam has a rich plum flavour but the sweetness is balanced by the unique tartness of the damson plums. Use the traditional way with a generous serving on toast and bread, or add a special zing to your recipes that call for jam.  We particularly recommend trifles and cakes.

Damsons are a `good old-fashioned` variety of plum that has drifted off the radar over the past decades. With a rich flavour and dark purple colour, Damsons have been a favourite amongst cooks for generations.

The Damson Collection Damson Jam  is cooked the old fashioned way using an old family recipe. The jam contains no preservatives or fillers, and each jar has at least 50 per cent fruit.

Available at all Nosh Food Market locations for RRP$7.99 for a 240gm jar.

For those not handy to a Nosh market check out The Damson Collection

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