You know what it’s like. You’ve cooked up a storm – mussels, fish, prawns and a little curry. Having wonderful creations coming out of your kitchen is all very fab, but keeping the iffy smells at bay til rubbish day? Hard work. Not now with the amazing BinMate system.

Countless forms of air, water, visual, and noise pollution are having serious consequences on the Earth.

So there`s a real emphasis on finding eco-friendly ways of being healthy, happy, and clean.

We love the new wheelie bin No Fly Zone Bin Mate:

It’s natural. It’s non-polluting. It saves water. And it repels the smell in your wheelie bin. Give NoFlyZone’s extraordinary formula a try!

No fly zone uses Tea Tree oil in an extraordinary citrus-based spray made specifically for your wheelie bins. NoFlyZone keeps mosquitoes, fleas, flies and other bugs away without the use of earth-poisoning chemicals. And its Earth-friendly formula repels the smell, too, neutralising odors naturally with a simple squeeze of its automatic trigger.

No fly zone uses NO harmful poisons or chemicals and its Patented automatic trigger makes sure that YOU don’t have to do anything but change the NoFlyZone refill cartridge whenever it runs out. Just hang a NoFlyZone deodorizing dispenser on the side of your whellie bin and you’re set for up to 300 sprays

Find out more on Eco Fresh and Binmate’s wheelie bin products and their information below.

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