Ice cream is part of the quintessential Kiwi summer – like jandals, bbqs and pohutakawas. In fact, New Zealanders are amongst the highest per capita consumers of ice cream in the world – second after the USA!

To enjoy premium tasting ice creams the healthier way, go homemade. Not only can you control what goes into your delicious frozen treat, but you can have a lot of fun experimenting with ingredients and inventing flavour combinations!

With the Freeze and Mix Ice Cream Maker Attachment by Breville you can whip up your creamy ice cream or frozen desserts in as little as 20 minutes. The innovative scraper paddle scrapes the sides of the bowl and aerates ice cream for a fast and creamy result. Create delectable frozen deserts like ice cream, gelato, sorbet and frozen yoghurt.

Comes with an insulated 2 litre freezer bowl (RRP $119.95)

Use your Freeze and Mix Attachment on The Scraper Mixer.

The Breville Scraper Beater folds ingredients and continuously scrapes down the sides and bottom of the bowl for exceptionally thorough mixing. It virtually eliminates the need to scrape the bowl by hand with a spatula and cuts mixing time up to 60%.  Under-mixed batters produce poorly baked results, resulting in collapsing, unevenness of crumb, holes, low rising, streaking and course textures. The Scraper Beater will help to ensure a thoroughly mixed batter for your favourite cakes, biscuits, frosting and more.

Breville products are available from leading appliance retailers

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