Happy piggies… no porkies! After the amazing success of their SPCA-approved bacon, Freedom Farms now launch their sensational sausages.

The people who bought you the first SPCA-approved bacon available in New Zealand are proud to introduce their latest offering: Freedom Farms pork sausages.

Up until now New Zealanders haven’t had many top quality snarlers to choose from. Freedom Farms has decided to change that.

Freedom Farms sausages are made from fresh, New Zealand pork, farmed in the foothills of the Southern Alps on SPCA-approved farms. They’re traditional-style sausages with a nice coarse, meaty texture that lets the natural taste of the pork shine through. Made with a high meat content and high quality ingredients, the result is a premium snag that’s delicious, robust and full of flavour – just like it should be.

Freedom Farms sausages are special, not just for their quality, but also because they’re guaranteed to be made from the highest quality pork. Pork farmed here in NZ without sow crates, farrowing crates, cages, pens and growth hormones.

Freedom Farms is a very proud brand which doesn’t believe in “a bob each way” when it comes to farming piggies. The Freedom Farms people believe in what they do and refuse to compromise.

“At Freedom Farms we say the right way to farm is the SPCA way, with grass fields, straw shelters, sunlight, fresh air and mud holes… all that old fashioned stuff,” says Gregor Fyfe of Freedom Farms.

“We only farm the ‘Freedom’ way – it’s why we exist. We don’t need to tell you which of our products are farmed the ‘kind’ way – they all are.”

Freedom Farms pork sausages come in two flavours: Classic Pork and Pork & Sage. Sold in 400g packs, they are available in selected supermarkets and specialty stores nationwide.

Cook them slow on low… and don’t you dare burn them.
For stockist details contact:  us@freedomfarms.co.nz

About Freedom Farms:
– Naturally farmed pork products.
– Animal welfare standards are independently audited and approved by the SPCA
– Freedom Farms guarantees all their products are farmed the’ kind way’. No exceptions.


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