We adore the Griffin’s Bites range. When we haven’t had time to whip up home-bakingt, we head straight to these beautiful Bites. And so delicately small, they’re almost good for you!

Griffin’s has done it again! It has taken two more of New Zealand’s favourite biscuits and created a mouth-watering bite-sized version – say “hello” to Griffin’s Mallowpuffs and Chocolate Krispie Bites.
Baked to perfection and smothered in delicious chocolate, Griffin’s Bites are the ultimate mini-indulgence. The Griffin’s Bites range already includes the popular ToffeePops Bites, Mint Treat Bites and Hokey Pokey Squiggles Bites.
Look out for these two incredible new flavours:

·     Griffin’s MallowPuffs Bites  – perfectly baked light and fluffy mini MallowPuffs covered in delicious milk chocolate.

·     Griffin’s Chocolate Krispie Bites  – perfectly baked mini mouthfuls of chocolate covered Krispie coconut delight!

Perfectly packaged in 150g bags, Griffin’s Bites are just the right size to stash in your handbag, the car or your desk at work.  The ideal treat on the go, or on the slow, when you’ve finally finished all of your jobs for the day and want to chill out on the couch with a mini-indulgence. 
Try the exciting new varieties of Griffin’s Bites from your local supermarket today.  Why not enjoy a little treat?


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