Introducing Heron’s Flight grape juice: Sophisticated, healthy and delicious!

The art of creating a special and memorable occasion is included in every bottle of Heron’s Flight Grape Juice.  These sensationally sophisticated non-alcoholic grape juices, have been produced by Heron’s Flight Vineyard and Winery for the last six years. Without marketing and purely by the word of mouth they have achieved a cult following amongst a small group of upmarket restaurants, and regular Heron’s Flight wine customers as a premium wine alternative for non-drinkers. With their popularity continuing to rise, Luke Hoskins, General Manger of Heron’s Flight Grape Juice and son of Heron’s Flight Vineyard and Winery founders, is continuing his parents legacy with the rebirth of the grape juice by undergoing a complete brand makeover and releasing them nationwide.

The two natural grape juices available are produced from Sangiovese and Merlot grapes, each from single vineyards. Neither contain preservatives or added sugar – they are 100% natural grapes and rely on the grape’s natural sweetness. The juice is simply delicious and full of nutritional benefits, as each bottle contains almost an entire bunch of beautifully ripe grapes, which makes it easy to taste the pure and natural goodness.

Heron’s Flight Merlot Grape Juice
Rich red in colour, the Heron’s Flight Merlot Grape Juice fills the palate with a bouquet tasting of freshly picked boysenberries and raspberries. The natural vitamins from the grapes provide the body with antioxidants and energy while a pleasant lingering aftertaste is left to enjoy.

Heron’s Flight Sangiovese Grape Juice 
The Heron’s Flight Sangiovese Grape Juice is a rich purple colour with red tones. It holds flavours of dark black plums and deep red berries, which come through the palate together. Like the merlot, it fills the mouth with the richness and sweetness of the grapes, and leaves a refreshing acidity aftertaste to enjoy.

Heron’s Flight Merlot Grape Juice RRP $5.50 (250ml)
Heron’s Flight Sangiovese Grape Juice RRP $5.50 (250ml)

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