A combination of delicious, nutritious ancient grains have been used to create the newest range of wholesome snacks– Huntley & Palmers Wholegrain Crackers. 
These tasty additions to the Huntley & Palmers cracker family are crisp, crunchy, and made with wholegrains including ancient grains such as millet, buckwheat, quinoa, spelt, and black chia seeds. Made in New Zealand with authentic ingredients, they?re substantial and grainy, making them a deliciously appetising snack.
Huntley & Palmers Wholegrain Crackers come in four delicious flavours:
Original Mixed Grain; 8 Grain; Sunflower & Chia; and Spelt & Black Sesame.
Try them simply by themselves, or with these tasty toppings:
• Hummus, avocado and tomato
• Cream cheese and salmon
• Vegemite and cottage cheese
• Guacamole
Keep Huntley & Palmers Wholegrain Crackers at work, in your handbag, or at home for a quick and easy snack.
Huntley & Palmers Wholegrain Crackers come in 250g packets and are available now from all good supermarkets for RRP $3.15.
Huntley & Palmers – proudly crackers about crackers.


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