In 1933, Francesco Illy of Trieste, Italy began a legacy of creating fine espresso. By combining advanced science with Italian tradition, Francesco discovered a way to perfect the espresso-making process.

Illy selects finest 100% Arabica coffee beans and carefully roasts them to ensure a smooth, balanced and consistent taste.  The medium-roast ground espresso is portioned into individual servings called Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pods, which are packaged in an air-free pressurized environment to lock in aromas and flavours. The pods may be used with any E.S.E.-compatible machine. Simply insert a pod into the machine’s pod attachment—and prepare a perfect cup of espresso within seconds. 

 For perfect espresso every time, use illy’s E.S.E. servings (pods) with an E.S.E.-compatible espresso machine such as the Francis Francis X1. Each individual pod contains exactly 7 grams of finely ground and expertly tamped coffee. There’s no measuring, no mess, no way to make a mistake. Simply insert a single pod in the filter holder with the printed side down and brew a shot, making sure to use each pod only once. For a double shot, brew two pods separately, never together. Press the espresso machine button and in 20-25 seconds you’ll have authentic Italian espresso with perfect aroma, crema and taste.

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