Mersey Valley has landed on our shores with a unique melt-in-the-mouth quality that tickles the taste buds every time and three great flavours to choose from.

Perfect for picnics and parties, Mersey Valley club cheddars combine a sharp flavour with a crumbly yet creamy texture, to make for a mouthful of contrasts that will leave you hooked from the first bite.

The introduction of Mersey Valley’s club cheddars to New Zealand stores creates a brand new and exciting segment for Kiwis to enjoy. Club Cheddars are a combination of selected cheese blended to deliver a popular cheddar format, making them a brilliant addition to sandwiches, or a perfect accompaniment to crackers and wine.
Created over 35 years ago, and named for the fertile farmlands of the Mersey Valley region in Tasmania’s unspoilt Cradle Country, the rich, lush character of Mersey Valley cheese really lives up to its heritage.

The Mersey Valley range consists of Classic, Pickled Onion and Peppercorn Medley varieties, using only real ingredients (not flavouring) for an authentic taste.

Mersey Valley Classic is a cheese that encapsulates great character and complexity. Rich, full and flavoursome, it is a truly classy addition to a cheese platter for lovers of that great Vintage taste.

Pickled Onion
That melt-in-the-mouth Mersey Valley bite combined with pickled onions gives this cheese a lively piquancy and really bold flavour. Serve simply with sourdough bread, smoked meats and gherkins for a savoury treat.

Peppercorn Medley
A fiery combination of Tasmanian bush pepper, cracked black peppercorns and aromatic white pepper gives Mersey Valley Peppercorn Medley a spicy kick that contrasts with the creamy yet crumbly Mersey Valley texture.

Mersey Valley Club Cheddars, 235g: RRP $8.99

That unique Mersey Valley quality – crumbly and creamy all at once – makes it a very memorable cheese.

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    We are a cheese shop in the south island and are looking at stocking the Mersey Valley pickled onion cheese. Do you have a wholesale price please.Our cheese shop is called Whitehorse Cheese please look us up on facebook.
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