Mil Lel brings the real taste of authentic European cooking to life.

Kiwi’s can add a touch of Italian style to their meal times as Mil Lel launch their ‘World Class’ Parmesan into New Zealand stores.

Originating from a little town in South Australia with the same name, Mil Lel is hand made in the traditional Italian style; after a lengthy process, the curd is formed into traditional parmesan wheels, hand turned and tapped and then cut from parmesan rounds. It captures an authentic taste of Italy by hand crafting the cheese using only the finest ingredients, after which it is carefully aged up to 12 months to provide a full, well rounded parmesan flavour.

In fact, Mil Lel Parmesan was awarded the coveted award of “World’s Best Parmesan” at the biennial World Cheese Championship in Wisconsin in 2008, coming out on top over even exclusive Italian-made Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Mil Lel Parmesan is available in a versatile block, for those who love the traditional Italian cooking process, as well as convenient shredded and shaved packs.

Parmesan lends its full-bodied flavour to many dishes: Toss through your favourite pasta dish; Add to mozzarella for a great tasting pizza topping; Serve as an unexpected addition to a cheese board; Mix with breadcrumbs for crumbing fish or chicken; Garnish pumpkin soup; Melt on slices of toast with chutney; Sprinkle onto green, Caesar and rocket salads; Or in true European Style, finish a meal with a chunk of Parmesan, a hunk of bread and a glass of wine!

Tomatoes, Asparagus, Olives, Bacon, ham and prosciutto, Chicken, Crisp greens, Pears and apples, Roasted pumpkin and Toasted pine nuts all work really work well with the gutsy flavour of parmesan.

Mil Lel Parmesan Block – RRP $9.49 (250g)
Mil Lel Parmesan Shaved – RRP $5.99 (125g)
Mil Lel Parmesan Shredded – RRP $5.99 (125g)

Available at all good supermarkets nationwide

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