Oscar Juice Extractors produce healthy fruit and vegetable juices.

The Oscar Juice Extractor employs unique juice extraction methods to keep the vital elements of fruit and vegetables alive. As we all know, juicing is one of the healthiest things we can do for our bodies. Fresh juice provides vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and much more. You may not be aware that when you eat fruit and vegetables much of their goodness is locked into the fibre and is lost to your body. Juicing fruit and vegetables releases this goodness from the fibre and their highly concentrated nutrients can then enter the bloodstream.

This means that when you purchase an Oscar Juice Extractor you are able to make fresh juice a part of your daily diet, increasing your energy, strengthening your immune system and giving you stronger bones and a glowing complexion. Juices are also good for your weight, heart, circulation and general wellbeing. Juices also flush toxins from your body.

As well as the obvious choices of fruit and vegetables to go in your juicer, Oscar also juices wheatgrass, barley and alfalfa and can be used as a food processor so you are getting two appliances in one.

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