We love getting fresh in the kitchen making yummy meals for our family, but every pet owner knows the kitchen is also a hotspot for the family cat! There’s something about the soft meowing and gentle sidling along your leg and the cupboards that makes a family home purr. Our fresh kitten Hillary loves Fancy Feast catfood. So will your moggy.

Indulgent cat owners who love to spoil their fussy feline can now turn their mealtimes into a restaurant-style experience with gourmet cuisine.

This month, Purina releases the first seven flavours in its new super-premium, chef-inspired Elegant Medleys range that draws on traditional European cooking styles of Tuscany and Florentine.

Melissa Frame, Brand Product Manager for Fancy Feast, says the dishes are prepared for quality in a variety of textures, aromas and sauces with visible ingredients including whole meaty pieces, rice and garden vegetables.

Ms Frame says that the new gourmet morsels will not only please fussy cats’ taste buds, but also provide all vitamins and nutrients that they need for best health.

The Elegant Medleys varieties include:
•    White Meat Chicken Tuscany in Savoury Sauce with Long Grain Rice & Garden Greens
•    Yellowfin Tuna Tuscany in Savoury Sauce with Long Grain Rice & Garden Greens
•    White Meat Chicken Florentine in a Delicate Sauce with Garden Greens
•    Wild Salmon Florentine in a Delicate Sauce with Garden Greens
•    Yellowfin Tuna Florentine in a Delicate Sauce with Garden Greens
•    Turkey Florentine in a Delicate Sauce with Garden Greens
•    Tender Turkey Tuscany in a Savoury Sauce with Long Grain Rice and Garden Greens

While they are appropriately named to sound like a classy restaurant menu, the single-serve meals will be affordable at a retail price of just $1.59 each for an 85-gram serving.

“We’re very pleased to be introducing this great new range to New Zealand cats and we know they will find the taste sensations irresistible,” says Ms Frame.

More new flavours in the Elegant Medleys range will be released over the next 12 months.
About Nestle Purina New Zealand
•    For over eighty years Purina has been a leader in the advancement of pet care and pet nutrition.
•    Purina’s expert nutritionists, food scientists, vets, and animal behaviorists are constantly discovering new ways to help pets lead healthier, happier, longer lives.
•    No one invests more in research and development, and as a result Purina has made more breakthroughs in the field than any other company.
•    Today Purina is one of the world’s leading pet care companies, producing some of the best known pet food brands; many of which have served pet owners for generations. Each is the result of the very latest advances in quality, taste and nutrition.
•    Purina products are designed to give pets and their owners the best possible choice of recipes and formats, for every life stage and lifestyle.
•    Purina is also a committed member of the wider pet care community, supporting charitable organisations, working closely with the communities in which we work and operate, and promoting responsible pet ownership in New Zealand and worldwide.
•    With over seventy per cent of New Zealand households owning pets, Nestlé Purina is servicing a growing market.
•    Throughout the company’s long history in the pet care business, it has built strong brands such as TUX, FRISKIES and FANCY FEAST.
•    In 2002 the company acquired Ralston Purina, which saw the introduction of brands such as Purina ONE, BENEFUL and PRO PLAN.


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