Q Gardens` delicious, new range of flavour packed preserves, are sure to ignite meals and capture tastebuds, with their unique ingredient combinations and gourmet style flavours.

This small kiwi company is based in sunny Whangamata, where the untouched, relaxed way of life is reflected in their naturally gorgeous products. Q Gardens ingredients are sourced straight from local gardens, and are free from artificial colours and preservatives, to provide the perfect natural twist to transform meals and snacks into exotic, mouth-watering creations.

Three delicious delights included in the range are:

Q Gardens Date Chutney          

This sweet and flavoursome chutney is a fantastic accompaniment with curries, frittata, sandwiches and stews, providing a delicious kick of unique, tantalizing flavours. Its sweet lingering aftertaste contrasts well with sharp cheeses and cold meats to create appetizing gourmet antipasto platters for easy entertaining.

Q Gardens Eggplant Kassoundi

Best served with cheese or cold meats Q Garden Eggplant Kassoundi bursts with a heady combination of spices that will leave tastebuds enjoying multiple levels of taste. It is also great with curries, or simply whisked through steamed rice to add an exciting new flavour to everyday established dishes.

Q Gardens Chilli Tomato Relish         

This delicious Chilli Tomato Relish will lift any sandwich combination and make a star pizza base that is sure to be remembered! For a scrumptious meat marinade, simply smear liberally over the meat, leave for an hour, cook and enjoy! 

Q Gardens products start at $5.50 and can be found at specialty food stores nationwide.

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