Your baking shopping essential, Straight Up!

The newest addition to The Collective’s family of dairy treats is Straight Up: an unsweetened, 95% fat-free, vegetarian, gluten-free, gelatine-free, preservative-free, handmade culinary probiotic yoghurt.

This heavenly shopping basket must-have contains the smoothest and creamiest of unsweetened yoghurts with a velvety-thick consistency, perfect to fold into baking delights.

For those who are fans of savoury rather than sweet, The Collective Straight Up yoghurt unleashes toppings, dips and spreads with a delightful tang that will leave tastebuds lingering more.

Acclaimed New Zealand cook and food writer Julie Le Clerc is a recent fan of the new product;

“With The Collective’s Straight Up, handmade, probiotic, unsweetened and additive-free yoghurt you can taste the natural goodness – that’s just how I like my yoghurt to be. Deliciously thick and creamy with a delightful tang, The Collective Straight Up yoghurt works for me every time. Being unsweetened means Straight Up is extremely versatile – for richness and flavour I like to add it to curry, soups, savoury sauces, dips, dressings and marinades – and it’s great for baking,  frozen yoghurt and to dollop beside puddings. I’ve been waiting years for an unsweetened culinary yoghurt of this quality.”
-Julie Le Clerc, author and food writer.

The Collective Straight Up Yoghurt has an RRP of $7.49 for (900grams). You can find The Collective’s products at all good supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide.

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