I was lucky enough to be in Nelson recently for the 2011 NZ Foodwriters Conference and whilst I was inspired by all of the region’s food and wine, this chocolate left a big impression. Zatori is a must try!

Delicious handcrafted Zatori chocolate… It’s amazing.

Zatori’s special recipes will tantilise your tastebuds.

All Zatori chocolate is dairy and gluten free, unless otherwise stated, and it’s all handmade to order.

Sold in 100g blocks, you simply must try the Blackcurrant Delight and the Chilli Chocolate. The other varieties are equally as mouth watering.

The Blackcurrant Delight chocolate contains freeze dried Nelson blackcurrants which are strong, tart and crunchy.  A chocolate berry sensation like no other. It is the ultimate sweet/smooth/sour sensation!

The Chilli Chocolate is unbelievably good. A choc combination you can’t quite get your head around, but it just works. Sensational.

If you love chocolate made with love and with a difference, head to their website and order. It will be handmade that day and sent to you.


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