Ok, so it’s a mop, but we recommend you check out the Super Mop Pro if you get a chance.

Super Mop Pro will revolutionise the way you clean your home.

In just one sweep the Super Mop Pro cleans absorbs and dries. Don`t waste valuable time trying to clean your floor with a traditional mop. Now make easy work of those nasty spills around the house.

Super Mop Pro’s Wring-max technology means no more tired and sore hands from trying to dry the mop, and the telescopic handle allows you to reach high up to effortlessly clean windows. It’s ultra absorbent mop end cleans, absorbs, and even dries for you.

You can the find the ADMAN Super Mop Pro at The Warehouse, Mitre 10 Mega and adman.co.nz  for an RRP of $29.99

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