Barker`s Winter Syrup Warmers Help Ward off Ills and Chills.

With winter approaching, Barker`s Blackcurrant or Lemon & Honey Syrup is a great way to boost your family`s health.

Barker`s of Geraldine squeeze over 700 Canterbury blackcurrants into every bottle, making it one of the richest sources of antioxidants, including vitamin C and polyphenols.  Blackcurrants contain over four times the vitamin C of an orange. 

Barker`s also makes a great `no added sugar` berry syrup called Berrylife – perfect for children or those wanting a reduced sugar alternative.

Breakfast – On the run?  So easy – just blend yoghurt, milk, oats and honey to Barker`s blackcurrant syrup to make a wholesome smoothie.

Dinner – Your toddler won`t eat dinner?  Add a dash of Barker`s `no added sugar` Berrylife to a night-time bottle to help give them the nutrients they need.
Anytime – Try Barker`s Fruit Tea Warmer recipe – a healthy alternative to caffeine

Barker`s Syrups are available in a tempting range of flavours:

  • Blackcurrant
  • Blackcurrant & Raspberry
  • Blackcurrant & Cranberry
  • Blackcurrant & Boysenberry
  • Lemon & Barley
  • Lemon & Honey
  • Lemon & Lime

Every bottle, when diluted with water, makes up to 5 litres of refreshing drink. Available at your local supermarket from RRP $5.99.

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