I was lucky enough recently to be at Lauraine Jacobs’ home for a foodie meeting and she gave me a big bag of cherry guavas from her backyard tree. So I sought out the best Guava Jelly recipe and I found this from keen Tui fruit grower Liz Burnside.

To make Guava Gin Jelly, you will need:
1.5kg whole guavas
270g (approx. 2small) apples, roughly chopped
250g (approx. 2) Meyer lemons, roughly chopped
2 litres water sugar
1x 70g packet pectin or jam setting mix (optional)
250ml (1cup) gin
1 lemon, sliced and blanched

How to make Guava Gin Jelly:

Place fruit in large saucepan with water.

Cover, bring to boil and simmer for 40 minutes or until pulpy.

Place pulp and liquid in a jelly bag, suspend over a large bowl and allow to drip freely overnight.

Measure strained liquid into a preserving pan and set aside ¾ cup sugar for each cup of liquid.

Bring liquid to boil; remove from heat and stir in the sugar until dissolved.

Return to a brisk boil and add pectin mix (if using – note that some varieties of guava contain less pectin), stirring to dissolve. Return to heat and boil briskly, skimming off any froth.

Pour in gin as jelly gets close to setting stage. To test setting, drip jelly from a wooden spoon.

When 2 drips connect, jelly is ready to set. Once at setting stage, remove from heat. Place a slice of blanched lemon into each sterilised jar and pour over guava jelly.

This Guava Jelly with a difference is equally delicious on toast or creamy Brie or blue cheese and served with Pinot Gris. Makes approximately 6 x 330g jars.

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