Nosh Food Market introduces – Lowry Peaks Quince Splash!

The Davison family of Lowry Peaks in North Canterbury are NZ`s largest growers of quince. Now they`re arguably producing NZ`s best fruit condiments.

Pastes, sauces and – our favourite – a startlingly good Quince Splash. The bottle says splash over fruit, desserts and vegetables, and use in dressings and drinks.

Lowry Peaks Quince Splash is made from 100% New Zealand Fruit – grown locally in our sustainable North Canterbury orchards where the fruit is sun ripened and spray free.

Quince Splash is a sharply fresh quince syrup – brilliant for both sweet and savoury uses.

Use as a glaze on chicken, lamb or pork for both flavour and professional finish.
Splash over mixed roast vegetables – brings out all the flavours.

Fantastic with anything chocolate! Delicious with hoky poky or vanilla icecream.

All our products are small batch cooked for premium flavour.

From everyday to entertaining, this is one of the most useful products you will ever have in your kitchen to make good food exquisite.

Now available from Nosh Food Market.

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