In Japan seaweeds represent up to 15% of the average diet. In New Zealand, their culinary potential and compelling health properties are yet to be fully embraced. Pacific Harvest wants to change all that.

The Auckland-based seaweed producer wants to bring the gourmet ingredient to the forefront of Western cooking with a range of sea vegetables and seasonings.

A Nosh Food Market favourite is the Karengo – also known as New Zealand’s wild nori – harvested sustainably from the rocky shores of the South Island. Preserved naturally, the natural goodness of the sea vegetable can last for years kept in a dry, cool environment.

Pacific Harvest’s soft, dried, bite-sized Karengo Fronds have an earthy mushroom-like flavour that can enhance both Eastern and Western flavours. Karengo is delicious roasted with nuts and seeds, in an omelette, on a pizza or pan-fried with fish, or as an addition to soups and salads. Karengo fronds can also be a wonderful vegan substitute in egg and pasta dishes. Nosh Food Market recommends moistening the fronds overnight to develop their delicate anchovy taste before using them in cooking.

Pacific Harvest Karengo Fronds are available now at Nosh Food Market, RRP $10.50 for a 50gm pouch.

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