Top NZ chef`s use duck fat to make the perfect roast potatoes, and you can recreate these at home yourself with Saveur Duck`s Duck Fat.

Hailing from France, clarified duck fat was once used for preserving duck legs in glass or pottery jars for use when ducks were out of season. Today, the same process is used by top restaurateurs and knowledgeable home chefs in preparing duck confit and sautéing potatoes to a wonderful golden colour.

Saveur Duck`s clarified duck fat is an all natural product. Produced at a temperature of 90-100 degrees Celsius, this product has a chilled shelf life of at least twelve months.

For the ultimate roast and sauteed potatoes, parboil and drain your meat and vege, roughing up the outsides in the sieve or colander. Cook in plenty of hot Saveur Duck duck fat until crusty – adding sliced garlic and thyme midway. And lots of flaky salt when serving is essential!

Saveur Duck Fat is now available from Nosh Food Market.

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