Moo-ving into a supermarket near you, the Collective Dairy`s new range of meal-transforming soft cheeses.

The Collective Dairy`s new mouth-watering range of soft cheeses will instantly inject any bland meal with pure dairy delight – Pastas become alive, pizzas jump off the plate, desserts dress to impress while a simple cracker suddenly becomes admired.

The flavoursome new range is available in five delicious options, providing lacklustre creations with a herd of cheesy solutions. Each hand-made option is gluten-free, preservative-free, additive-free and vegetarian.

This new range includes:


This rich, creamy, silky mascarpone is a lighter alternative to butter and cream. Use to create mouth-watering deserts like tiramisu, or simply add to pasta sauce or soup for an instant injection of creaminess.


Make your tastebuds dance again with this handmade, supple and crumbly ricotta that can be used to revive tasteless baked goods, pizza, ravioli and lasagne with its mild and slightly sweet flavour.


Spoil yourself by incorporating this velvety, light and airy crème fraiche into savoury or sweet dishes to help them reach new mouth-watering heights.


This 97% fat free cream cheese screams body and flavour making it the ultimate guilt free cheesecake essential for those with a sweet tooth (or two). For quick and easy entertaining simply add to a cracker and dress with a slice of tomato and a dash of pesto.


Turn sandwiches or muffins into café styled treats with this authentic styled cottage cheese`s creamy texture and flavour which is 97% fat free.

The Collective Dairy Silky Mascarpone                      RRP $5.49 (200g)

The Collective Dairy Creamy Ricotta                         RRP $4.49 (180g)

The Collective Dairy Crème Fraiche                          RRP $5.49 (200g)

The Collective Dairy Skinny Cream Cheese               RRP $4.15 (200g)

The Collective Dairy Skinny Cottage                         RRP $4.15 (200g)

The Collective Dairy`s products are stocked at all good supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide. To locate your nearest stockist or for further information visit The Collective Dairy.

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